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Don't be afraid to offer any type of criticism. You're more than welcome to critique. It actually helps me improve. =)





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I am done with school. FreeFreeFreeFreeFreeFreeFreeFreeFreeFreeFreeFreeFreeFreeFreeFree so it's back to commissions. Immediately.

More importantly there is a deviantArt user who is going through an abusive environment. This person is in urgent need of help and needs to raise enough money to move out of her house. It has to be by March just to get the hell out of there.

Here is the journal:

  Emergency Commissions//In an Abusive EnvironmentSo I know I can reach out to more people here..
But I really need to do something.
Right now, as few of you know, I am NOT living in a very safe environment
I'm dealing with mental abuse. Honestly, if you want to know what exactly is happening with me right now, you can read up on it here:
this happened this morning, and this only echoes all the other foul stuff that I deal with.
I really really need money. While I dont have a car or anything, I do need to save for my own place.
I promise you from like, the center of my being- I will do my god damn best on them.
As for prices.. Well, lets start.
just so everyone knows, all my prices are set to offer so that everyone can afford them
Just send a note to commission<3

My pixel art is still very new and I'm still learning,


Before assuming it's a scam consider reading, as this person is willing to work for the money. I know this comes out of the blue from me but I take this type of stuff very seriously as I've used to live in an abusive environment before.

And here is the journal where I've heard about the journal:

She Needs Help (please read)I know I've done this in the past for people, but this girls situation strikes very close to home for me with situations I've had to endure.
She's in an abusive environment. Her mother is cruel and damaging, her step father has molested her, and there's a laundry list of the cruel things she has to endure every day. Here's a few excerpts from her recent journal entry...
"She made me tell her how much I had for the bank, saying Id need $50.00 to open a bank account, I told her I had enough and she gave me a snobby look.."
"I remember when I was much younger shed get a coin out of her pocket and tell me that I couldnt draw the man on it. Which ofcourse I couldnt at that time in my life, even now probably not. She thinks though that I need to do realistic work to ever be successful in cartoons- which she is half right about."
""Just going to think about walking- even though thatll probably kill me, not only is it a long walk, but mom tells me cops arrest people who walk wit

Take care guys.

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