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Don't be afraid to offer any type of criticism. You're more than welcome to critique. It actually helps me improve. =)





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Before you see this I have to mention the following: Please don't blow this out of proportion.…

Now I know this looks like nightmare fuel but in reality it seems like a really rare graphical glitch that you might get from a defective disk or hardware...

...Apparently. I mean I never came across something like this when playing the game.

But the reason I say "Please don't blow this out of proportion" is because whenever that one rare, once in a blue moon glitch is discovered people have this knee jerk reaction and freak out that this happens in every copy of the game and it's a disaster and the sky is falling and we are all super screwed and rable rable rable...

But damn their rigs got fucked up. Not Yoshi, though. His model's my favorite. XD…

Here's a video, by the way. Dedede's eyes are freaky and Kirby has rabies for some reason.

Good night, everybody!


About Smash Wii U CPUs

They are kind of weird. On one hand level 9 CPU's on the Wii U are nastier than level 9 CPU's on the 3DS. On the other hand I had Wii U CPU's ether walk out or jump out of the stage letting me win... I't funny as hell but it doesn't seem intentional. XD

Yes my brother and I got the game but I rather not play online yet because

1. my body hurts and I am sick; if anything I am resting and rather not play games that cause stress and I have work to do anyway. XD

2. I am waiting for that GC controller adapter to arrive. For now I am stuck with the gamepad but it seems like a good controller to me. It's no GC controller but I feel it's more comfortable than the 3DS. I recommend swapping the Shield/Dodge buttons with the Grab buttons if you want the gamepad to feel close to the GC controller, though. The ZR and ZL buttons are not traditionally the right and left buttons but their design feels similar to the GC controllers. The Right and Left shoulder buttons, meanwhile, feel like the z button in the GC controller. Instinctively you might start pressing on the wrong buttons if you are used to the GC controls.

(I think I said GC controller in every sentence of that paragraph...)

Interestingly you can charge your smashed with the C stick now. I like that addition because I have this stupid tendency of being abusive with the control stick so I can get a charged smash and not a tilt. Charging with the C stick means I might be able to cut down on that habit.


Nov 5,2014


I had to stop playing because of the medicine. That and when I wake up I have to catch up with work. XD

It was fun though. Even if I am not available just leave your FC bellow or send me a note. Feel free to ask me if I am available and I'll get in touch when I can.


I am online with someone right now but for anyone interested in a future match just post your FC bellow or send me a note asking me if I am available. I always check my notes no matter what and reply so feel free.

I am sick today and while I am working on school stuff I want to take a break while the medicine hasn't sank in to make me unconscious yet. It's oxicodone and I know I am doing something dumb since I should be getting rest but I rarely get to play this game so meh.

Here's my friend code:
If you want to communicate during gameplay I have skype. lmaruchan18
Be warned, I will only play as Palutena as I want to test this character against human players. She's not my main but I want her to be so it's just for practice. Let me know in the journal if you are interested or via note and I will send a note to you.

Also I am doing commissions. I sell animated avatars but if that's not your think I also make bust, half body and full body digital art. Go here for more information and send me a note if interested:

Emergency CM UPDATE:Gradient Flats OPEN/Icons FREEI am going to update the journal to show prices for the gradient flat color art, FREE ICONS with some purchases INCLUDED. Example for flats in journal. Please read for more information.
But seriously, I am financially stressed right now and unless I don't do something I am screwed. I wanted to avoid this but I am currently eating out of my savings money, which is really really bad. I suspect it is because I advertised myself poorly but I am not selling anything at all and I have to take drastic measures. I will also sell one animated icon per week but I will explain that further later. Lastly, for anyone who doesn't have the money to buy anything, please help spread this journal regardless. I really need as much help as I can get right now. Things got unexpectedly worse than I thought they would and I swear I don't want to admit I am desperate but...heh... ^^;
For reference, here is how the gradient flats will look like:

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