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Don't be afraid to offer any type of criticism. You're more than welcome to critique. It actually helps me improve. =)





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Why did you miss a deadline? Weren't you going to do these every day? Cheater!

That's a good question. Here's my answer: I collapsed. 

I know that sounds like an overrated excuse to say "I am too tired from work, I will get to it when I can", but I shit you not. I was dumped with plenty of work...on the first week of school. This does NOT mean I will abandon daily animations. It just means that I have to be more careful with how I schedule exercises like these. My assignments, errands and health come first and if I do not have time left after that to work on the exercises for the day then I can't force myself to do it. Ironically, the point of the exercises is to get quicker at animating, not to brake the Guinness' world record for most consecutive days of posting without fail. (I wish but I am not that awesome, which is lame for me...)

I can do the following: I can still do the 3 day animation challenge from Monday through Wednesday but if I don't post anything until Wednesday then there doesn't have to be such high expectations and I can take decent brakes. And if all else fails I will have to find other ways to balance out the schedule but I seriously don't want to quit creating and posting as many animations as I can per month. This really can work as a helpful exercise.

April 5, 2014
This is in case anyone hasn't been up to speed: I will attempt to submit animations EVERY DAY. I am serious here. Unless something happens with my schedule I will attempt to put up short gifs every single day.


This will be short, exercise animations for the sake of practice. I want to get really good and for that I will have to practice every day.

If anyone wants to leave a suggestion here are some rules:

1. It has to be a super short animation.

Remember, I go to school, I have a job, I help my mom around the house, and I do commissions. If you are suggesting an animation that is too long for me to handle I will not do it.

2. I draw anything as long as it is age appropriate.

3. I will NOT do fight scenes!

These animations are for practice and fight scenes are usually too complex. I am not in that level yet so please recommend me something that will help me improve. You can come up with a loophole if you want such as a run cycle, a character getting hit with an object, someone jumping, someone or something animated in a dynamic angle, Only one single punch, etc. But just if that is the only thing in the animation! No super complex karateka, ninja, hya-ing scenes! I will not do them!

4. I pick suggestions at random depending on what I can animate for the day.

Sometimes I might not animate something suggested art all, but instead an idea I had.

5. I can animate your OC's and/or FC's if you want me to.

If it involves your character in a short and simple animation then sure. I might do it one day depending on how my schedule is.

And finally...

6. These are suggestions! NOT requests, NOT art trades, and NOT commissions...THEY ARE SUGGESTIONS!

I am not obligated to animate something suggested if I don't want to! Please, don't act aggressive if don't animate anything you suggested. These animations are meant to help me learn.

However, don't feel bad if ether if something you suggested doesn't get animated right away. It might be that I might have not been able to get around it yet. Who knows, I might even animate a past suggestion in the future. It's all random.


How will we know if you will take these suggestions at all?

Because if I don't I might end up animating most of the time something that is not helpful...such as a fight scene. Those are fun to do but it's not something I should be aiming for yet.

If I take suggestions instead people may ask me to animate stuff I never thought about it. I am also more likely to animate a suggestion that is more helpful to learn rather than something that doesn't get me far.

Can we critique these?

Tear the shit out of them if you have to! I am no expert at animating but I am trying to learn. If you see something about an animation that looks weird please say so.

Will these be finished at all?

Nope. For the most part they will be sketchy and short and maybe even incomplete. I will finish them in the future for a special daily animation if I am able to get to that point, though. Just don't expect me to post finished, cleaned, and colored animations every single day. That would kill me.

UPDATE (04/09/14)

So you really plan to make one short animation per day? Will they all be different from each other every single day? Are you nuts?!

Tuesday and Wednesdays are my long days at school. I work in the morning and after that I take an online class.

Combine that with the fact that I commute for 1:30 hours to 2 hours...

My online class that is 5 weeks short and involves lots of research...

And I get up at 5am to excercise with my mom to get her pressure and diabetes under control...

I doubt I will be able to make a different animation per day because I return home like at 12:00am.

However, I think I found a way to get around this without ruining my daily streak. From Monday to Wednesday I will create a 3 part animation. Originally I wanted to put up a piece of the animation and if Wednesday came and I have not finished it I would put it up as it is and abandon it like the other animations. Unfortunately the online and 3D courses turned out to need more attention because of shorter deadlines in assignments so I couldn't get away with this. I will still work on an animation for 3 days as a challenge but won't post anything about it until Wednesday. If it looks like crap still I'll abandon it to work on other daily animation until Monday where the 3 day challenge starts all over again.

Being anonymous about my progress means I can take a break when necessary and avoid repetition in postings. I can also have time to work on still images artworks like paintings and strip comics whenever I have the time to do so. The 3 day challenge varies depending on how my schedule changes, though so it won't always be from Monday through Wednesday.

That's all I have to say for now. If anything happens regarding daily animations I will update this journal.


By the way, since I should do self plugins more often even if that seems shameful, I am taking emergency sketch commissions for anyone that is interested.…

I will also announce updates here about my original account. Animations based on my original characters rather than fanart ones will go here. If there is no animation on this account for the day, then check my second account instead.
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Thank you so much for sharing your artwork with us and the Super Smash Bros Wii U and 3DS fans at the SUPERSMASHUFANCLUB! :iconsupersmashufanclub:

And if you love Super Smash Bros and cant wait for the 4th game than please check out the group! :)

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