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Don't be afraid to offer any type of criticism. You're more than welcome to critique. It actually helps me improve. =)





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JULY 10, 2014

I was forced to open these again despite the one week break I planned after I finished all of them. I really didn't want to because I felt it is too early but it's really important.


:bulletred: I really need to save up money for groceries and bills. Thankfully it's not the same problem with my mom's loan like last time but I barely have much money to help my mom around the house.
:bulletred: I am starting school again and I need commuting money.
:bulletred: It will be around 2 weeks before I get a paycheck again. Even if that's the case I am not sure if I will get to work for enough hours as last quarter my work schedule was terrible. I also can't afford to wait for extra help to come from my relatives due to bills.
:bulletred: I was thinking of searching for another job anyway. ^^;

So yea, stuff happens and I have to admit, I get tense about it. However, it's good to keep calm and do what I can. XD If your are reading this but you can't buy anything, sharing this journal would be helpful as well. :thanks:

There are two more people waiting for commissions and those slots will be posted in this journal. However, they are both waiting for commissions where the prices are not the ones listed here, but rather based on my previous journal that isn't accurate anymore.


People Waiting on older commissions (PAYED)
2 Reference Sheet Commissions not listed

With that being said, here is the new price information on commissions:

Commission Info Sheet: Basic(Simple) by LunarMew


:bulletpurple: Please send me a note. Or send me an email at
:bulletpurple: Remember to send me reference sheets or at least a full body artwork that shows detail of your character. It doesn't have to be artwork made by you, just as long as you give me something to work with.
:bulletpurple: specify it with detailed information so I will know, whether the reference correctly represents your character or not. My eyesight is bad and if I miss some stuff there is a risk that I might guess in the commission. You don't want that so please be specific as much as you can to avoid this!


:bulletpurple: Paypal only. I do not take points


:bulletgreen: Both male and female characters.
:bulletgreen: Official characters
:bulletgreen: Original characters
:bulletgreen: Fan characters
:bulletgreen: Chibi
:bulletgreen: Animals
:bulletgreen: Anthro
:bulletgreen: Exaggerated poses
:bulletred: Any art style
Excluding realism which takes longer and would offer it in a different type of commission not available now
:bulletred: Simple Backgrounds
It has to be simple drawings like geometric patterns (circles, triangles, squares, and so on to make a simple design), items (a chair, a bed, flowers, fire) and subtle formations in the form of silhouettes (small mountain, simple lake, and so on with one or two colors) Keep in mind that simple backgrounds are limited to 2 colors, flat coloring, and silhouettes.


:bulletpurple: Realism
:bulletpurple: Robots and Vehicles
:bulletpurple: Multiple Characters
:bulletpurple: Animation Commissions
:bulletpurple: Detailed Digital Paintings
:bulletpurple: Detailed Cell Shading Art
:bulletpurple: Detailed Backgrounds
:bulletpurple: Reference Sheets
:bulletpurple: Character Designs
:bulletpurple: Style Sheets

What is listed here will be available in the future and in respective commission sheets

:bulletorange: Same sex couple art
:bulletorange: Kissing scenes, (straight and same sex)
I really suck at these but I might consider it in the future. It depends. If they are available please keep it tame.


:bulletred: Porn
:bulletred: Fetish art
:bulletred: Gore or Guro
(Characters fighting is ok)
:bulletred: Nudity, mainly showing genitals or exposed boobs. No suggestive crotch shoots ether.
( Clothes that show skin is acceptable. Example:… )
:bulletred: Sexual Violence


:bulletgreen: I take up to 5 slots, 2 for non colored and 3 for colored.
:bulletgreen: Higher res version or png without logo/watermark available. Send me a not with your email so I can send it. If you don't feel comfortable giving your email I will also make these available on
:bulletgreen: I can take a commission even if you normally don't use deviantArt. I also have a Tumblr where I can make this information available soon.

:bulletred: No Photoshop version of artwork available. I do not post my psd files online.
:bulletred: I have the right to refuse any commission requested if I feel it is necessary.
:bulletred: I do not start commissions until payment is received.
:bulletred: One slot per commission
:bulletred: Rules are subject to change

:bulletpurple: Due to the small number of slots and financial situation the 1 week slot reservation has been shorten to a day. If you want to reserve a slot you will need to pay me the next day. I apologize in advance.
:bulletpurple: No refunds as soon as payment is received.
:bulletpurple: Price might go up if the character has an immense amount of detail to draw and color. Please keep this in mind if you are interested in commissioning me. Further information about this can be discussed through notes.
:bulletpurple: The additional price is $5 if the character is very detailed. This includes both colored and non-colored sketches.
:bulletgreen: Drawing a character holding an item/prop/weapon or doing an exaggerated pose DOES NOT change the price. This is because I might choose to draw a character with a prop even if I was given liberty to draw a character how I wanted. However, if that character and item tends to be very detailed then the price will increase.


[Free Slot]
[Free Slot]

Basic Paint Sketch With Simple Background
[Free Slot]
[Free Slot]

I might make more slots open in the future. For now I don't want to overwhelm myself with too much artwork and then see how it goes.

People Waiting on Commissions (PAYED)

People Waiting on Commissions (NOT Payed Yet)

*1 Day Reservation for slots before payment

Commissions Finished
No commissions yet

Please stay tuned for further updates. :thanks:
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Please continue to make more art, you are so talented :D
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