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Sorry for being a killjoy but I wanted to show somehow that this journal wasn't April Fools related. The thing is that I am a slow asshole who doesn't do commissions fast enough and doesn't finish before a set deadline I set for myself. But I am working on them! ^^; I would tell you why I am taking long but because of today's date people will most likely not believe me. I rather explain tomorrow.

Back to work. I really, REALLY need to finish these before the other school term starts.

Previews. Should be up tomorrow. (HOPEFULLY! XD  )

Full Body Paint CM
ThunderRainCM Full by LunarMew

Animation CM
Bust NonIcon AetheralBunny Anim01 by LunarMew
Finished frames. This one will be cleaned and colored in Photoshop. I like Flash but it takes waaaaayyyy too long for working on a commission and I'm sick of it. I tried to clean it in Flash CS6 but after 10-20 minute auto-saving for the 50th gagillionth time I just gave up. Flash is good for animatics but for cleaning and coloring? No thanks.

Instead, Photoshop CC is amazing for cleaning and coloring animations. It's nice and quick, and more importantly, I can control my brush strokes. That's what I will be using to create commission animations from now on because they have to be done quickly. I don't care if I have to pay for it monthly. It's worth it.

Requested Character: Kumatora (Mother 3)

Featured Character for 3/30/15

Here's the character I picked for this week:

If you want me to make a speedpaint of a character

I am open to suggestions in the form of video comments!

After this I will do one more video character and then take a break to do ether 4 anime character or western cartoon characters. Whichever gets requested more so I can have more to work with.

Also this series is only for official characters. However if anyone wants me to draw their OCs/FCs I do take cheap commissions. Painted busts are $8 and Flat colored busts are $5.

CommissionUpdate: Paintings AvailableUPDATE:
I've lowered prices on flat commissions to make room for digital paintings. For example the painted bust ($8 USD) is the same price as the old flat bust, previously $8 USD.
Second, since I can draw digital paintings quicker those would be the ones that will include backgrounds. There are lots of examples for paintings that I have up. I will even do complex backgrounds as long as they are not insanely and ridiculously detailed because those would take me too long. Just ask for modestly detailed ones.
New Flat Prices:

Bust: $5
Half Body: $10
Full Body: $16

Digital Painting Prices:

Bust: $8
Half Body:$15
Full Body: $20
Lastly, I organized the journal and took out some stuff people might not buy. Let me know if there are any other questions.


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